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Bluetooth Selfie Stick Wireless Selfie For Pictures,Photos,Vidio Click your Best Moments

  • Rs. 299.00

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Bluetooth Selfie Stick Wireless Selfie For Pictures,Photos,Vidio Click your Best Moments

Product Details

Product Specification

With Bluetooth Shutter Remote Yes
Weight 150 Gram
Type Mini Tripod
Batteries Required No
Telescopic Length 235 - 1005 mm
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product Description

  • Plug and play. Works with any smartphone! Lightweight, compact, easy to take around with special. Order now to get yours!
  • Perfect for Weddings, Parties, Beach, Making Your Own Movies, Concerts, Plays, Aerial photos, Sporting events, Traveling, Exploring, Hiking, Camping
  • Great Gift for Christmas, New Year's, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Office co-workers.
  • Fully compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones. Plug into earphone hole and take photos. For any non-compatible phones, download & use SELFISHOP Ap
  • The best part is a great handy device for taking photos anywhere without asking another person, you may take group photos with all of your friends-no one really has to miss the shot because he had to be the one to take the photo. You could all be in it with these Mobile Selfie accessories


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A Bluetooth Selfie Monopod Stick is defined by functionality and elegance, and comes with a detachable Bluetooth clicker remote. The standby time of the Monopod Stick make it practical enough for everyday use, and the sturdy build provides phone security in a variety of environments. Our Selfie Monopod Stick allows multiple points of customization and adjustment. The holder will securely fashion to nearly all phones, and the combination of the easy-to-use handle button with the adjustable stick allows for easy, brilliant photography. Specially designed 1/4 Inch screw head and Standard adapter allows you to attach this monopod to any camera/camcorders.

A selfie stick is a monopod used to take selfie photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm.Selfie Stick with Remote Tripod Mount fast and secure mounting,Adjustable ball head and locks for stable 180 Degree shooting.Non-slip soft foam handle gives you comfortable touch and can prevent sliding off which convenient for the photoing Special monopod with phone holder & bluetooth remote control camera shutter release and the rotatable holder can adjust the photoing angle for about 180 degree. This wireless selfie stick comes with a handy Bluetooth remote to trigger your camera from a distance. This controller works separately from the rest of the unit if you just need to snap a shot at a distance without the monopod